DHCP.io - Fast and Reliable Dynamic DNS

DHCP.io allows you to control DNS entries beneath the dhcp.io domain.

You can quickly and easily configure a name such as gateway.dhcp.io to point to the IP of your home gateway, whether that is an IPv6 address an IPv4 address, or both.

You've can update your name(s) at any time via a simple call to curl, or using your web-browser, with no need to install or configure any client.

Git-based DNS Hosting

If you find this service useful you might wish to look at our sister-site, which allows publishing DNS records directly from a git repository.

It uses the same distributed and redundant backends, and allows you to update your records whenever you like, with fixed pricing based on the number of zones you host.

Thanks to the use of git revision control system you maintain a complete history of your changes.